We are thrilled to announce that we have secured the rights to Jaki McCarrick’s wonderful play “Belfast Girls”. “On the cusp of a great societal revolution, five street women orphaned by the Irish Famine embark on a journey of love, betrayal and adventure, hopeful they will find a fresh start in a new land. The five Belfast Girls are dramatized based on the real-life women who sought passage in 1850 aboard the Inchinnan, a ship bound for Australia.”

Who We Are

Pittsburgh is a hot bed of theatre. Unfortunately there are limited opportunities for many actors and actresses to showcase their talents.  Rich Kenzie, Founder and Artistic Director of Ghostlight decided it was time to change the landscape of “Community” theatre in the Pittsburgh region.  Rich has been acting his entire life and has a strong passion for the theatre.  He was born in England and at the tender age of 6 played a hedgehog in a school play. Realizing that people actually laughed at him (they were supposed to be laughing) – he was hooked.  Since that time Rich has been in countless productions in England, Canada and in the Pittsburgh area.  He is a multiple award winning actor, writer and director.  When the Red Barn Theatre closed in Allison Park in 2007 there was no theatre presence in the Hampton area.  Rich’s hope is that  Ghostlight will help to reestablish a permanent theatre in Hampton.

Upcoming Productions

“Belfast Girls” by Jaki McCarrick will be performed at the Carnegie Stage in Carnegie, PA Oct 25th through 29th, 2017.   Performances at 8 PM and also Oct 28th at 2 PM.

“I smell blood all over this ship. I smell two hundred women sick an’ scared an’ missin’ bairns an’ mothers an’ fathers they’re not supposed to even have. Can’t ya smell them? Can’t ya hear them?”


Escaping the Irish famine in 1850 five young women seek passage on a ship to Australia. For many of the ‘orphan girls’ on board, the voyage offers a fresh start. But some girls find they cannot escape the memory of the lives they’ve left behind – and that the closer they get to Australia the more powerful the past becomes.

Jaki McCarrick won the 2010 Papatango Prize for New Writing for her play Leopoldville. Belfast Girls was developed at the National Theatre Studio, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and the 2014 BBC Tony Doyle Award.

Featuring:  Cassidy Adkins, Elizabeth Glyptis, Jenny Malarkey, Sara Williams * and Val Williams.

  • Member of Actors Equity Association by Special Appearance

Auditions & News

Auditions for our Spring show will be announced soon.